FunivieThe landing terminal for cargo ships

Cargo ships arrive at the Port of Savona (Area 29), Alti Fondali Savona Terminal.

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FunivieCableway structures: from port to storage

The port terminal is linked to the cableways through a series of conveyor belts in a tunnel that transport the bulk cargo to the new station in San Rocco, where it is loaded into containers and taken up two cableway lines measuring almost 17 km. These pass over the Apennines and take the goods up to the station in San Giuseppe, where the cargo can be stored in stockyards covering a total area of approximately 120,000 m2.

FunivieOur storage facilities

Our storage facilities include a well-equipped railway manoeuvring department, a modern mechanical wheel loader system, and efficient screaning systems. These allow us to offer a complete and diverse range of services to ensure that our customers can access the end-user market. Bulk cargo is transferred to the recipients by road and/or rail, thanks to the favourable location of the storage facilities in relation to the main railway, road and national motorway routes.

FunivieA latest-generation logistics system

The connection line to the nearby coke plant was recently modernized to enable direct bulk transfers to end users. The entire structure consists of an integrated logistics system that can achieve a daily handling capacity that is difficult to achieve with other solutions, ensuring transport in any climate situation.

FunivieEnvironmental protection at the forefront

The structures managed by Funivie S.p.A. have always ensured environmental protection. They have contributed to the removal of some 300 trucks per day from urban and non-urban roads (return trips between Savona and San Giuseppe di Cairo), resulting in a significant reduction of emissions thanks to the use of cableways (electric drive) when compared with the equivalent amount of road transport (diesel engines).

FunivieA look to the future

Major investments are being made to continue on the road towards improved environmental protection.

This includes the project to cover the storage facilities in San Giuseppe, a project that is of particular importance and involves the construction of two twin sheds covering an area of approximately 40,000 m2, increasing the site’s environmental value while modernising and rationalising the site’s bulk handling structures.

Following the evolution of the reference market of our current and prospective customers over time, the project has undergone the necessary adaptations to ensure that the company has the option to manage a wide variety of bulk goods in addition to coal in covered areas. It is currently being implemented by a temporary grouping of companies comprising Consorzio Stabile Arcale, N.B.I. S.p.A. and Sartori Tecnologie Industriali S.r.l.