FeaturesThe transport lines

Our structures consist of a series of conveyor belts (the first 500 m of which are inside the tunnel from the dock of Terminal Alti Fondali, and another 1,100 m are in the underground and underwater mini-tunnel from the landing facilities to San Rocco station) connected to two bi-cable cableways. These are independent of each other and run in parallel over almost 17 km, connecting the intermodal station of San Rocco to the stockyard in San Giuseppe.

FeaturesThe cableway stations

There are 6 cableway stations – one for loading and departure (San Rocco), one for transit and diversion (San Lorenzo), three midway stations (Ciatti, Sella and Cadibona), and one for arrival and unloading (San Giuseppe) – along a route measuring almost 17 km in distance and carrying a total of 1,200 containers, each with a maximum capacity of 1,100 kg.

FeaturesSan Giuseppe Station

The storage facilities at the arrival station cover a total area of 120,000 m², with a theoretical total capacity of 600,000 tonnes.